Sunday, February 14, 2016

Smooth ride

Years ago, I was visiting Summerville Speedway a few hours before racing, and the P.R. guy offered to give me a golf-cart ride into the infield. Like an idiot, I took it.

It was a short ride, but it was bumpy. And when we crossed the track in turn four, it felt like the golf cart was going to roll over. I would rather have walked. In fact, I later walked across the track and went through the fence to get to the press box.

Another time, track operator Charlie Powell offered me the same ride, and, without thinking, I took it. It didn't occur to me that Charlie was a former driver who had won a bunch of feature races.

Where the other ride was unsettling, this one was smooth. You couldn't have done surgery in the back, but it was everything the other ride wasn't. You probably could have filled champagne glasses while Charlie was driving.

Leave it to a former driver to be that smooth.

Note: Summerville Speedway is gone. Apparently it was later sold and turned into a housing development.

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