Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finding Angel in Black

I went looking for my book "Angel in Black: Remembering Dale Earnhardt, Sr." the other day, and I found two at Borders in Winston-Salem, N.C. They'd already sold one — I'm rich! — and I signed the other two copies to make it easier to sell.

So Borders has the Angel in Black. (Actually, Winston-Salem no longer has a Borders; this is late 2014.)

I did a Google Alert for the book, and, naturally, it's on Amazon. The web site there is

The publisher, Cumberland House Publishing of Nashville, Tenn., has a site, naturally. It's

I also found it at:

A1Books --

BookSwim --

BetterWorld --

(I just realized these are in alphabetical order; not my doing.)

Borders (no surprise here) --

TheReadingWarehouse (we're out of alphabetical order here);

Wal-Mart --

Books XYZ (the best price I've seen so far) -- -- --

It's even mentioned on Jerry Nadeau's site -- Jerry's quoted in the book. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's selling it. The web site, though, is Check him out; Jerry's a good guy.

There are many other sites, I'm sure, but this is a representative listing.

Oh, and if you want an autographed copy, contact me at Operators are not standing by, but I can help hook you up with your Earnhardt fix.

Buy three; they're small. And 3 is always appropriate for Earnhardt.

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