Sunday, June 25, 2017

She screamed in pain

Years ago, I was covering a race in the pressbox at Darlington Raceway. It was a beautiful day, with a blue sky, and all seemed well with the world.

After the race, I wrote my stories and sent them. Then I left the pressbox, and I wandered over to the gate that allowed fans' cars to cross the track. The gate was open, and people were walking on the track.

There was a woman with her children, and she noticed a ball of rubber that had formed on the track. The ball, about the size of a softball, had formed from the rubber off the race cars' tires.

She said something that I couldn't here, then reached down to touch it, and I yelled "NO!" She kept going, however, and she screamed in pain when her fingers touched rubber. It made a sizzling noise.

Fortunately, there was an ambulance nearby, and they quickly got her into it. I never heard more about her, but I hope she was OK.

I wish I could have stopped her.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Birthday boys, Dale and Willie

Happy birthday today to one man who is no longer with us (Dale Earnhardt Sr.) and one who is (Willie Nelson).

They were born 18 years apart, April 29, 1951 (Earnhardt) and April 29, 1933 (Nelson). Dale would have been 66; Willie is 84.