Sunday, December 4, 2016

Monster Cup?

I'm curious what NASCAR will call its top series now that Monster Energy is replacing Sprint as the title sponsor.

The Monster Energy Cup Series doesn't cut it, and I'm not sure about the Monster Cup Series, either (although it's better). Monster Energy Series -- leaving out the word Cup altogether -- looks like it'll be the way to go.

But, naturally, they'll come up with a name I haven't thought of.

What do YOU think they'll call NASCAR's top series?

Maybe the all-star race can be the Monster All-Star Race.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

My mom named me Richard

YEARS AGO, I WAS interviewing Dick Trickle, and, for some reason, I asked how he got the name Dick Trickle. The name seemed odd to everyone else, but Dick was serious about it.

"My mom named me Richard," he said in his straight forward manner, reminding me that Dick is a nickname for someone named Richard.

Dick was serious that day, but I found him funny over the years. I was saddened a few years ago when I learned of his death.