Sunday, September 18, 2016

Human, left; greyhound, right

About 20 years ago, we were in the infield media center at Charlotte Motor Speedway. A greyhound rescue group brought a couple of dogs into the media center, and we listened to their talk and met the dogs.

My friend Jim McLaurin squatted down to pet and engage one of the dogs, and suddenly a bunch of photographers started snapping photos.

Jim, a long-time journalist, immediately thought of the photos in daily newspapers. Jim would be on one side, with the greyhound on the other.

"They'll probably write, 'Jim McLaurin, left,' " Jim said in wry humor. He was referring to the cutline (you'd call it a caption) under the photo.

People can tell a man from a dog, of course, but Jim was alluding to the fact that some copy editors like to make absolutely sure you know who's who.  I wouldn't be surprised if some copy editor somewhere has felt the need to identify a dog and a man that way.

I wish I had a copy of one of those photos.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


I just found this interesting, almost ironic, headline online:

 Why Tennessee and Virginia Tech played football at a gigantic NASCAR track

Why is this interesting? Bristol Motor Speedway, the site of Saturday night's Tennessee-Virginia Tech college football game, has a huge number of seats (more than 150,000). But it is the SMALLEST NASCAR Cup track in the country.

They did set the record for the largest crowd (156,900) at a college-football game.