Sunday, October 12, 2014

Motors and engines

I've always thought it was interesting that they call it motorsports, and there are so many "Motor Speedways" (Indianapolis, Charlotte, Atlanta, Bristol, Las Vegas, Hickory and more).

Why? If it runs on a internal combustion engine (and uses gas or some other fuel), it's an engine; if it's electrical, it's a motor. An electric car runs with a motor. The thing that moves your windshield wipers is a motor.

So, generally, they have lots of engines and few (if any) motors under the hoods at most U.S. racetracks.

Maybe someone will someday open Electrical Motor Speedway; they could run electric cars. That would work. And I think EMS would be fun.

They'd just need a lot of electrical outlets and batteries.

UPDATE: You can find more about electrical racing here.