Monday, February 3, 2014

Meeting celebrities at racetracks

I've run across several celebrities at racetrack and rarely have recognized them. I've seen James Garner, Tom Landry (he didn't have his famous hat) and Burt Reynolds at Atlanta Motor Speedway and had to ask someone who they were; they were a part of the pre-game ceremonies, and we were in the pressbox. So they were a long way off.

Once, I ran across a tall, beautiful brunette at Charlotte Motor Speedway's infield media center and later learned that it was Ekaterina Witt, the great skater. I had no idea.

We were at Atlanta when an entourage came through the door of the media center, and wrestler Hulk Hogan was in the middle of a noisy maelstrom of activity. It turned out that he was part of a wrestling promotion for the Richard Petty team. Now, the Hulkster knew how to make auto racing fun.

Unlike the others, I recognized the canary-yellow-clad Hogan immediately.

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