Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feb. 18, a date to remember

I just looked at today's date, and I realized that next Saturday will be the 16th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death at Daytona.

The date is important to me because Earnhardt was. I've written three books and co-written another, and Earnhardt was on three of the covers and his car was on the other.

Right after Dale's death, I started work on "I Remember Dale Earnhardt" for Cumberland House Publishing out of Nashville. I talked to a friend of mine, Ron Glancy, for the book, and he told me that he'd ordered an Earnhardt poster before Feb. 18. The poster was No. 218 out of a larger run, and Ron wondered what the significance of 218 was.

Then Ron remembered that Dale died on Feb. 18, which is also written 2/18.

I'll write more about this later; right now, I'm just remembering.

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