Friday, July 15, 2016

Meeting Whitey Norman

Years ago, my wife ran into an old-time race-car driver named Whitey Norman, and I think she even bought a scale-model race car from him. I'd never met him, but I remembered him.

Today, I was at the doctor's office, and an old man was telling stories about racing at Bowman Gray Stadium. I heard the name Norman.

He went behind the magic door, and I asked the man he'd been talking to if that was Whitey Norman; he said it was.

That man went in too, and Norman came out. We chatted about racing for a few minutes, and he gave me his card.

He's from Winston-Salem, N.C., and you can find more out about him on his page on Racing Reference. He was born April 14, 1926 (he's 90) and ran 29 Cup Series races from 1956 to '59 and 37 Convertible Series races from '57-59.

I wish we'd had more time to talk.

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