Monday, August 4, 2014

A wild ride at Darlington

In 1998, my friend Tommy Dampier and I wanted to go from the infield at Darlington Raceway to the press box, but we couldn't park near the press box. So we bummed a ride with a young temporary worker who was driving a golf cart.

Big mistake.

We went charging and bumping along, with me on the back, desperately holding onto my laptop with one hand and my seat with the other. I was terrified of bouncing out; you could easily get hurt or worse hitting that gravel at that speed.

And I wasn't even wearing a helmet.

Fortunately, we made it. We thudded to a stop, and I got out and swore that I'd never do that again.

I later learned that the kid wound up racing at Florence Motor Speedway the  next season. I wasn't surprised. I hope he had smoother rides ON the 

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