Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cup drivers talk about Las Vegas

Clint Bowyer, who is 17th in points, on Las Vegas: “We tested this 5-Hour ENERGY Toyota in Charlotte back in January and we were so fast right off the truck that I told the crew, ‘We’re good! Let’s load it back up and call it a day.’ We were fast as soon as we unloaded. I felt like we left off just where we did at the end of last season. Unfortunately they don’t always listen to me (laughs). They made us stay there and try new things and we just kept working on it. I’m hoping that the same thing happens this weekend - unload fast and just keep fine tuning to get better for the race.”

Mark Martin, the pole-winner last week at Phoenix: “We’ve had some success in Las Vegas, winning the very first race in 1998. Sure, we can do that again. We led 75 laps Sunday (at Phoenix), so we know we’re capable of running well. We’ll just need to put the whole race together. But we can do that. These guys give me good cars each weekend. We’ll see what we can learn Thursday during the test, and, hopefully, have something for them on Sunday. With this new Gen-6 car, the window of opportunity is open for all these teams to find something and have a big advantage over the rest of the field for several weeks.”

Martin Truex Jr., on Las Vegas and the Gen-6 car: “I don’t mind testing a day early at Las Vegas. You can never have enough practice especially now that we have the new Gen-6 car. It doesn’t matter how long you have practice or how much testing you have, there will be cars on the track until NASCAR throws the red and black flag. And even after all of that, we will always think, ‘Darn, if we only had two or three more laps.’ We are always striving for perfection so there is never enough time in my opinion to get ready for Sunday’s race.”

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