Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kevin Harvick talks about Phoenix

Kevin Harvick talks about racing
at Phoenix International Raceway: 
What were you able to learn from the March race at Phoenix International Raceway? “In the spring our car was faster on two tires than it was on four tires. Our weakness was the restarts and getting grip, but we were better on the restart with grip on two tires than we were with four. The track stayed pretty consistent, and for the first two races now with the new layout I think it's put on pretty good shows.”

What are your thoughts on the race track after the repave? “They did a great job of getting the track prepared and I think both races we’ve run there so far were really good races. The race track really widened out as we went through the races, the groove widened out a lot. They took the fans into consideration, and everybody can see what’s going on around the race track. The track is very racy, as well.”

How is Phoenix International Raceway’s layout different from the old configuration? “The entrance into Turn 1 reminds me of the old configuration. The center and the exit are a lot different just because of the banking. The back straightaway is the biggest difference just for the fact that it has a lot of banking and a-pretty sharp turn going into Turn 3. As we’ve run more laps there, I think everybody has gotten braver with using the apron, but Turns 3 and 4 reminded me of the old race track the most.”

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